Management of the abdomen in postbariatric patients is of great importance. Not only does the anterior region of the abdomen approach the skin, fat and abdominal muscles of the area, but also the regions of the pubis, lateral thighs, lower back and glutes are treated. This procedure is called “lower lift”. It consists of a circumferential incision of the trunk to reposition the tissues of all these areas, placing the scar in the lower part of the abdomen and back so that it can cover even wearing clothes to the hip.


It is an extensive procedure, with resection of important amounts of skin and fat, so we expect some loss of blood. It is necessary to be hospitalized an average of 1 to 2 nights to monitor hemoglobin levels, to gradually start the ambulation until the patient is able to be graduated.

Due to the extension of the surgery it is necessary to place drains to the pubis. These are removed when there is already little leakage of fluid, in order to avoid a complication such as the formation of seromas.


The patient should wear a compression band for one month, have a light activity during the first two weeks and avoid major efforts for a month. After a month and a half you can return to physical and sports activities.

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