Breast Lift

Breast lift is technically known as mastopexy. It consists of repositioning the mammary tissue that is found to be pinico (fallen). Many women, after breastfeeding, have sagging breasts, with decreased volume and a less firm consistency.


With mastopexy we were able to place the nipple and the breast tissue in its original place, as well as give more firmness to the breasts. We can also replace the lost volume with the placement of an implant. The use of an implant is not strictly necessary, but in case you want to replenish or increase the breast volume if it is necessary to use it.


The placement of the scars is very variable. It depends on the anatomical characteristics of your breasts. In patients who have little or no breasts, a scar may be used around the areola. In larger or more breasts are used scars around the areola and a vertical scar, trying to avoid a horizontal scar.


It is necessary that during two weeks do not make movements of extension of the arms, not to load heavy things, not to handle and not to exercise. After these two weeks you begin to incorporate your activity gradually until achieving a totally normal activity including physical exercise from the month of surgery.

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