Post-operative surgery

Patients undergoing bariatric surgery subsequently have great laxity and excess skin in the body. The areas most affected are the abdomen, breasts, arms, buttocks and thighs. This leads patients to a number of problems, such as skin irritation, pain as well as decreased self-esteem and self-confidence because of deformities caused by excess skin.

Post-operative surgery, or surgery for massive weight loss, consists of a series of surgical procedures in which the body is formed again by restoring and restoring lax and redundant skin.


In order for patients to be candidates for massive weight loss surgery, they have to wait 12 to 16 months after a bariatric procedure, as it is considered to be the mean time in which the patient reduces most of the excess of weight. It is important for the patient to maintain a stable weight for three months because of the patient’s weight fluctuates, the result after surgery may not be as expected and a second procedure is required to readjust the skin.

Group 2 are patients with BMI between 28 and 32, these patients can undergo surgical procedures and obtain good cosmetic results, but with a greater loss of blood and fluids, so they will take hemodynamic control more postoperative.


The surgical approach consists of three or four surgical procedures. The first procedure consists of lipectomy belt, which repositions the skin of the abdomen and back, also modifying the buttocks and thighs. The second procedure is to perform a brachioplasty (arm lift) and mastopexy (breast lift) with or without implants as the case may be. In the third procedure, a medial thigh lift is performed to return the flaccid skin to this region. Finally, patients may require a facelift to replace facial and neck tissue. There must be at least three months of recovery time between each surgical event.

The overall effectiveness of these procedures is a better contour of the body and a radical change in lifestyle.

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